Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sikao to Satun

Date: April 18th, 2015
Distance: 121 miles
Song of the Day: It's Real – Wild Ones

I actually did get up early for this ride. I knew it was going to be pretty long day so I was out the door by 7:30. I did take it pretty slow though. Stopping to take some pictures and get some food. I wasn't in much of a rush. Plus there were a head wind that I wasn't happy about.

After leaving the beach the scenery got pretty boring. Nice green forests, but flat and tedious. By mid-morning that had changed. I was riding through rubber plantations. I am not used to seeing trees so well organized. These were all evenly spaced in rows. Each one had a little cup hanging on it, though these were all turned over because I guess it isn't the right season to harvest. It was really neat to see.

The afternoon wore on me though. There were no clouds. No rain. I was making good time, but it was exhausting work. The heat was at least 95 degrees, and humid. Like biking in a sauna. Try it sometime and see how long you will last. I had to pull over a few times because I was getting overheated. I would get something to drink and maybe something to eat. I was happy to discover that they really do make a Thai iced tea in here. Chai yao, if you want to ask for it. I wish I had figured that out days ago.

The landscape had also changed again. I was riding through rolling hills. More jungle cliffs as well. I stopped a lot to take pictures. It was like there was something cool around every corner.

It finally did cloud up about just an hour before sunset. I could see a thunderstorm in the distance and I was worried it was going to drench me. When I made the turn to go to Satun I caught up with the tail wind again. I was cruising at above 20 miles an hour. Passing several of the motorbikes. Once again I was racing to get to my destination. This time I was watching the sun set on my right and the thunderstorm roll in on my left. Thanks to the wind I got to town just in time. By the time I booked into my hotel the storm was sending rain and lightning out over the city. Just in time.


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