Friday, January 18, 2013

Lance... again...

I thought that I should say something about Lance Armstrong's admission to the world's worst kept secret. There just isn't any more I have to say about it though. What the man has to say isn't shocking and it is as boring as watching him race.

On a similar note, I am finding George Carlin is often ahead of me in putting how I feel into words.


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  1. I really didn't want to say anything more about this, but then I stumbled across a video from Dan Ariely. He is a behavioral economist and has an interesting take the whole thing. There were two parts that I thought were particularly insightful. The first is that if Lance used drugs to beat cancer, would that make it easier for him to use them to accomplish other goals in his life? The second is that if everyone is doing it (or are perceived to be doing it) then that chances the choices people make. It may not be legal, but it is expected. It is worth taking a look at.