Monday, January 14, 2013

James May, glad to have you with us

I read this article by James May recently. He is one of the guys form Top Gear. In other words someone who you would expect to hear more about cars than bicycles. Contrary to that opinion he is actually an avid cyclist. I doubt you are going to see him in spandex out doing intervals. He seems more the tweed jacket and flat cap type of rider. Someone who is out for a constitutional or popping down to the shop. Basically like most people on a bicycle.

There were two points in the article that I really liked. The first is about the freedom of cycling. That people all over the world do it. How riding a bike affect our lives in good ways. He also mentions that it should be free, both in a monetary (tax) sense, but also in the sense that there really shouldn't be any laws about it. We don't regulate walking, why would we regulate cycling?

The second point is that he calls cyclists "miserabilists". Sadly I have to agree with this. I see so many cyclists ridding with grim faces. I will admit that when it is 35 degrees and raining, the ride may not be that enjoyable. Hitting a stiff headwind isn't loads of fun. Aside from that it seems there are those who ride not for fun but because of a bizarre fixation on "training". I don't get it. If you aren't having fun you shouldn't be doing it.

I have my own issues here. I often push myself to go faster than I acutally need to. Not every ride is that all that fun. I try to enjoy what I can though. I know that even on the worst days it was my choice to ride and I feel good about it. So when I see another hearty soul out braving the weather on a bike, I can't help but smile.


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