Thursday, June 2, 2011


Date: June 2nd, 2011
Distance: 400 yard swim, 17 mile bike ride, 3 mile run
Song of the Day: Pretend - The Bens

So I have been training for a Triathlon for the last few months. All of the work has been going well. Today it has come done to one full length dress rehearsal. When I started training two months ago, I really couldn't run a mile without stopping. I also couldn't swim more then about 15 feet. Then again the water temp at the time was 46 degrees...

Today the water temp was a brisk 57 degrees. I swam out to a couple of the buoys in the lake. I was surprised that I could actually keep swimming and didn't need to stop at any point. The past couple of swims I have been grabbing onto the buoys as a chance to catch my breath. The wind was up, which did hinder breathing anyway. It was kicking up waves on the lake that had me choking on water at a couple of points.

Once out of the water I got into my shoes as fast as I could. I was worried that my toes would go numb again. So I wanted to get on the bike as fast as I could.

For today I took my new Mzungu bike. It isn't the bike I will take on Saturday, but I wanted something that takes a bit more power to ride. Plus I just got it together and I wanted to test it out. I rode over the Lake Sammamish State Park and rode around on some of the trails. They are still pretty muddy. It feels good to get dirt on the new wheels. Woo-hoo. Then I took the Issaquah-Preston trail. More mud and dirt out that way. After that it was back to home.

I stopped in for just enough time to down two glasses of water. I forgot that the new bike doesn't have a bottle or a cage on it yet. Whoops. Then it was off to run. Another 3 mile tour around the neighborhood. So that was it. Basically a sprint distance triathlon, done. I feel good. I think Saturday is going to go well. At least if I can get up before 6:00 AM...


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