Thursday, June 30, 2011

Muddy Wednesday

Date: June 29th, 2011
Distance: 20 miles
Song of the Day: Neighbor - Band of Horses

So things did actually get a bit muddy. The guys I go riding with can seem to plan for the life of them. The Monday ride got moved to Wednesday because of people dropping out. Then the ride got moved from Grand Ridge back to Duthie because of rain.

That wasn't really a big deal for me. I still rode out through Grand Ridge. I love the trails there. A bit technical but not too bad. I am also getting better at those climb at the begining. Less spin-outs, less pushing, more awesome. Despite the rain the trail wasn't bad. I almost thought it had less mud on it than when I rode through last week. The bog on the far side of the ridge was about the same muddy slop, but no worse.

I was a bit late when I got there, but I met up with Sean and Andy and we did a couple of turns around the park. I didn't crash this time, so I am pleased with that. My rib still hurts a bit, especially when cranking up a big incline. That is just life, in my opinion.

Afterwards the three of us met up with Douglas where he works. Our kind host even provided some burgers and hot dogs. Mmmmm. It was really nice to sit out and watch what we could of the sunset and shoot the breeze. A good way to end the afternoon. I hope that we get more chances in the future to do the same and more people out to partake.


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