Thursday, February 28, 2013

Friday Tune, Saturday Race

I received the shifter for my commuter bike back on Friday. I guess they just sent me a whole new one instead of a refurbished copy. No complaints from me on that. Thanks Shimano.

After work on Friday I headed over to Back Alley Bike Repair. They were having a Derrick from Point83 had arranged for "wrench party" there. That was great. I got my new shifter installed. That was the easy part actually. I also got my cable housing replaced. I probably should have done that a while ago. The inner sheath that holds the cable was coming out. I got those changed out and re-wrapped my bars. Now it shifts like a dream.

This is good because I hit up the Up & Down alley cat on Saturday. It wasn't a long race, but fun. The haul up Yestler was a bear. I saw a number of the fixed gear riders just walking their bikes up it. Frankly, I wasn't that much faster even in my lowest gear. At one of the other stops we had to ride off a stone bench. It was only a foot and half off the ground. I got up there, rode off and over the handle bars. There wasn't enough space to build up any speed. I heard later that only a couple of the riders actually landed that jump. The lame thing was that my shifting was all messed up after that. I just got it working! At least I made it through the rest of the race okay. Came in 8th place, which was about the middle of the pack. In all it was about 10 miles in less than an hour. Though when I got home I spent another hour fiddling with my shifting. I did get that tuned up again, no harm done.

Good way to start the weekend.


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