Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Change of Pace

For the last few months the shifter on my commuter bike has been acting up. It was still under warranty so I thought I might as well send it back while I was gone in Singapore. It wasn't back by the time I got home though. I know I could have been riding the bike, but using a 48x11 single speed bike in Seattle isn't that much fun.

For the last three weeks I have been riding other things. For the first week I was riding Molly, my touring bike. Most of that bike has been through the trials of Africa. It has a lot of interesting mods and two very sturdy racks. These make it about a 40 pound bike. That is double what my commuter bike weighs. I hate to say it, but she really isn't built for speed. Beyond that I didn't have a long enough seat post for the bike. I couldn't use the saddle without my knees coming up to my ears. Commuting around was taking a lot longer, and not really as much fun.

Sweet Jump
Fortunately I was able to locate my Mzungu mountain bike after the first week. It does weight a third more than my commuter bike, but still almost half as much as the touring rig. I do find myself enjoying the smooth ride over the rough pavement though. The cracks and pot-holes I dodge on my commuter I can glide over on the fat tires. That has been much easier. Except for the wind, which we have had a lot of recently. Cutting through the wind with 3 inch tires is like cutting a watermelon with a baseball bat. It might be fun for Gallagher, but not very efficient. While I can't go fast on it, the bike does have other advantages. For instance, they put in a sweet jump on my route to work. It has been nice. Between the sunny days and the molasses smell on Harbor Island, things have been great.

Still, my shifter arrived back yesterday. It has been a nice change to my regular routine, but I can't wait to get back on my normal bike. I will probably get it installed Friday night. That should be fun. I want it ready for this weekend. I have an alley cat race on Saturday and the FHR on Sunday. Should be a great weekend.


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