Sunday, January 25, 2015

King and Queen of the Ravine

Another race! This time Rob put on his annual King and Queen of the Ravine race. It is a simple route. Three laps around Ravenna Park, but to complete the lap each contestant has to consume a beverage of their choice. This is what it looked like:
I guess you can see what most people chose as their drink of choice. Mine is the one with the milk...

The race started out really well. I did a lap before the race just to check it out. I am glad I did.  I was pretty close to the front at the begining and watched Ben slide out around the first sharp corner. After that I kept up pretty well, in maybe 5th place the first two laps.

The third lap was my undoing though. I knew I was losing tire pressure, but I thought it would hold for the last one. It didn't. At the bottom of the first hill I was riding on rubber. At first I thought I had a pinch flat, but after a quick inspection it was a thumb tack. Where the hell did I get a thumb tack? Remembering I had my CO2 canister, I got to changing the tube. I had the new tube all set up when I remembered that I had given the canister away a few weeks previous. Knowing that everyone was finishing up by now, I hoofed it back up the hill to get my pump. I was going to finish the race at least. When I got their I found out that my tube wouldn't hold air. Argh. I borrowed a patch kit and got the tube fixed. I rode my last lap and got back just as Rob was announcing the winners. Oh well, I would rather be DFL than  DNF.

Besides winning isn't really the point. The real point was to race and hang out with friends. I believe I accomplished both.


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